Students and teachers from all City of Brantford secondary schools are invited and encouraged to participate in the Student Leadership Program and the Media Literacy Challenge.

Student Leadership Program

The T.I.C.K. Student Leadership Program initiative is a bi-annual granting program open to student groups in all secondary schools in the City of Brantford.

We believe that secondary students have the ability to identify the critical challenges that they and their peers are facing as well as strategies and supports to create solutions. The program is designed to foster leadership skills and encourage secondary school students to become involved in projects that they believe will promote positive choices consistent with the areas of focus and messaging in the elementary K.I.D.S. program.

The T.I.C.K. Board of Directors is proud to fund up to two (2) student led projects per semester for an amount up to $500.00. Applications are accepted from interested student groups in mid-November for the first semester and mid-February for the second semester. Applications are available on the website.

Successful applications will provide education or experiences that promote

  • Mental Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Online and Social Media Responsibility
  • Substance Awareness
  • Social Responsibility and Citizenship

We are pleased to acknowledge the work of student leaders and their mentors, who have implemented the following successful grant initiatives


  • Pauline Johnson Collegiate – Social Networking Safety  Project
  • Educate Grade 9 & 10 students in the school about on-line safety to reduce cyber bullying and the risks  associated with social networking.
  • Tollgate Tech. – Lunchtime Karate Club
  • Karate lessons given by professional instructor to  provide students with a positive alternative to the  “Smoking Pit”.


  • Pauline Johnson Collegiate – Wellness Week
  • Focuses on strategies for reducing anxiety and  managing stress.
  • Assumption College – Connect More Project
  • Interactive games to help students from all grades engage with each other.


  • Assumption College – Wellness Room Project
  • Create a space that gives students more opportunity to connect with others, learn self-awareness and positive coping strategies
  • North Park Collegiate – KICK Project
  • Enhance knowledge of marijuana facts, risk factors, and alternatives to substance abuse.


  • North Park Collegiate – Mental Health Week
  • Students given the opportunity to learn ways to de-stress through participating in various relaxing activities at the school as well as listening to  motivational speakers.
  • Pauline Johnson Collegiate – Student Health Action Club Project Fund
  • Students in this club get together on a weekly basis to complete a project to be determined by members of the club by year-end, (i.e. creating a Jack Chapter at the  school, Marijuana Harm Reduction Project, Smoking and Vaping Cessation Program, Reduce Phone Time Initiative, creating a PJ Wellness Centre)

Media Literacy Challenge

We believe that secondary students have the unique ability to identify and articulate prevention and positive lifestyle choice messaging in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their younger peers.

This is an opportunity for secondary school students to reflect on the lessons they learned in grade 6 (and since) and assume a leadership role by sharing their knowledge and reminding others that those important messages continue to be effective tools during their own high school years and beyond.

Students from all secondary schools in the City of Brantford are invited to submit student created media works including but not limited to posters, PSA’s, digital commercials or podcasts. Some of these submissions may be used to enhance the K.I.D.S. Program (Knowledge, Influences, Decisions, Supports) delivered to grade 6 students.


Submission Criteria

  • The content and messaging must reflect the concepts, strategies or ideals taught as a part of the K.I.D.S. program (Mental  Health, Healthy Relationships, Online and Social Media, Youth and the Law and Substance Awareness)
  • The school’s logo and the K.I.D.S. logo need to be incorporated in the submission
  • All entries must be submitted by the end of April to or delivered to the Brantford Police Service –  attn : Sue Gemmell


Please note that all submissions will become the property of T.I.C.K. Inc. and as such, may be used in various ways to promote healthy living and choices for our youth or featured as a part of our website. Acknowledgement will be given to the designers of all submissions used.

This year we are looking forward to participation from all of the secondary schools in the City of Brantford.

T.I.C.K. Inc. Student Leadership Application – 113KB PDF File