About Us

T.I.C.K. Inc. at a Glance

Who Are We?


  • T.I.C.K. = Teaching Intelligent Choices to Kids.


  • Our Belief is that it’s the role and responsibility of all members of the community to provide our children and youth with as many supports as possible for them to choose to lead positive and productive lifestyles.


  • Our Goal is to empower and assist children and youth in our community to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and strategies to lead positive, productive, drug free and anti-violent lifestyles.


  • Our Strategy is to provide a continuum of meaningful and appropriate learning opportunities and experiences for children and youth in our community. All of our programs are provided without cost to the participants or their schools.


  • Our Board is composed of a group of community volunteers representing all walks of life, including education, health, counselling, technology, and business, working in partnership with the Brantford Police Service .


  • Our Programs represent a continuum of skill and knowledge development including :      

K.I.D.S (Knowledge, Issues, Decisions and Supports)           all Grade 6 classes

GR8 (Growing Responsibility )                                                    selected Grade 8 classes

Student Leadership (Grant Program)                               open to all secondary schools


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