Our History

First, there was D.A.R.E.

For years, all Grade 6 students in the City of Brantford participated in the D.A.R.E. program. The purpose of the program was to provide students with information and skills to remain drug and alcohol free, to manage the peer pressure and no not to become involved in smoking and negative peer relationships. While the program was beneficial for students and meaningful at the time, as the world in which our young people are living has changed, the program no longer effectively supported the student needs for skills and knowledge to navigate current social and technological challenges.

Welcome to the Future for K.I.D.S.!

Assisting and empowering our children to acquire knowledge and practice
skills necessary to lead positive, productive, drug free and anti-violent lifestyles

The K.I.D.S. program (Knowledge, Issues, Decisions, Supports) is a Canadian program that is dynamic and responsive to the social learning needs of the students in our community.  The program is designed to build understanding and provide specific strategies to respond to personal, peer and social challenges

Program Focus

  • Peer to Peer Relationships
  • Youth and the Law
  • On-line and Social Media Awareness
  • Drug Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness

It Takes a Village…..

We are pleased and proud to announce our community partnership to enhance the K.I.D.S. learning experience. Traditionally, the program has been instructed in the home school classroom by a uniformed constable from the Brantford Police Service over a six week period. Starting in the 2018-19 school year, we will be collaborating with the staff at the Brant County Health Unit and the Children’s Safety Village to embark on a whole new strategy for program delivery.

The program begins in the home school classroom, where staff from the Brant County Health Unit will introduce the exploration of Peer to Peer Relationship strategies to build positive connections and manage negative peer and social pressure.

Students and their classroom teacher will then be provided with bus transportation to the Children’s Safety Village for an intensive, three hour program facilitated by the Elementary School Resource Officer, Constable Minotti. Through lecture, media presentations, discussion and collaborative activities, the students will investigate issues of Youth and the Law, On-line and Social Media Awareness and Drug Awareness.  By making use of the facilities at the Children’s Safety Village, the students are provided with a flexible, student friendly environment to learn.  At the conclusion of the day, staff from the Brantford Fire Service will provide fire safety training.

The final component of the program will be delivered back at the home school by staff from the Brant County Health Unit. In the final session, students will learn positive strategies to manage their own stress and gain an understanding and awareness of mental health issues.

At the conclusion of the program, all of the students will be provided with a certificate of completion and a K.I.D.S. t-shirt by the T.I.C.K. board to acknowledge and celebrate their learning.

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