Assumption Cheque Presentation

Assumption Cheque Presentation

The Board of T.I.C.K. Inc. (Teaching Intelligent Choices to Kids), which delivers the K.I.D.S. (Knowledge Issues Decisions Supports) Program to grade-6 students in Brantford, is pleased to announce that on April 27, 2017, students at Assumption College School received a $500 Student Leadership Grant for their Wellness Room project.

Grants offered through T.I.C.K.’s Student Leadership Grant Program are intended to encourage students to become more involved in the educational process and to promote teaching youth how to make positive choices when they are faced with issues in their peer group, family and community.   

In the photo from Lt. to Rt. are:

Laura Fretz and Carol Ann Sloat (T.I.C.K. Board of Directors); Sarah Sweiger (Public Health Nurse); Franxis Sanchez-Martinez (student); Mary Bradford (teacher/advisor); and Patrick Brophy (Vice Principal) – back row.


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