Parental Monitoring

Be aware that the Internet and some private bulletin boards contain areas designed specifically for adults who wish to post, view, or read material totally inappropriate for children. Most private bulletin board operators who post such material limit access to people who attest that they are adults. Like any other safeguards, there will always be cases where adults fail to enforce the rules or children find ways around them.

Most on-line services and Internet providers allow parents to limit their children’s access to certain services and features such as adult-oriented chat rooms and bulletin boards. Check with your Internet service provider to see what services it provides.

In addition, there are a variety of software tools designed specifically to enable adults to prevent children from accessing inappropriate materials on the Internet.

While these tools are useful for helping parents control their children’s access, they cannot take the place of parental involvement and supervision.

Rating system

Blocking and filtering software

For schools and businesses

For organizations that have a computer network interconnected via a server (centralized computer), the following are available for blocking access to inappropriate content.

  • Netscape Proxy Server – Netscape Communications Corp
  • Smart Filter – Secure Computing Corporation
  • WEBTrack – Webster Network Strategies

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