Our Board of Directors


  • Susan Reid – President
  • Rick Martin – Treasurer
  • Shane Caskanette – Member
  • Carol de Ville – Member
  • Perry Enyedi – Member
  • Joe Ernst – Member
  • Laura Fretz – Member
  • Lori Henderson – Member
  • Kristen MacKay – Member
  • Andrew Oldroyd – Member
  • Julie Smith- Member
  • Carol Ann Sloat – Member
  • Geoff Nelson – Resource

T.I.C.K. Brantford Inc. is comprised of a good cross-section from the community. Our Board has representation from the fields of healthcare, information technology, mental health, education and business.

The Board recognizes the resource roles of retired Brantford Police Service Chiefs Bob Peeling, Ray Fitzpatrick, Derek McElveny and Jeff Kellner. We also appreciate the advice and guidance of the current Chief of Police, Geoff Nelson.

We are pleased to welcome our newest member, Brantford Fire Chief Shane Caskanette, to our team. Shane, following in the footsteps of retired Fire Chiefs Jeff McCormick and Garth Dix, is our third representative from Brantford Fire.

We gratefully acknowledge our past Board members for their dedication, experience and wisdom:

Jayne Ammerman
Wendy Bayne
Garth Dix
Amanda Eby
Brandon Graves
Shirley Harries-Langley
David Jacobs
Trish Kings
Jennifer Kinneman
Jeff Kowal
Bridget Krajcar
Jerry Kroetsch
Anthony Labatt
Sally Littell
Shawn MacLeod
Jeff McCormick
Chris McCurdy
Murray Moffatt
Harry Norton
Evelyn Oliver
Vern Payne
Joe Persia
Kathy Poirier
Marlies Redekop
Rick Robinson
Barbara Ruff
Alayne Sokoloski
Dr. Steve Somerton
Duff Williamson
Bruce Wilson
Ken Woodley


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