Our History

As of July 2015, T.I.C.K. (Teaching Intelligent Choices to Kids) Inc. is the new name of an entity that delivered the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program to thousands of grade-six students in this community since 1997, as D.A.R.E. Brantford Inc. An American-based program, D.A.R.E, which operated as D.A.R.E. Brantford Inc., equipped young people with the necessary skills to make well-informed choices and empower them to say no when they are tempted to use alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Another component of D.A.R.E. helped children to recognize the dangers of violence in their schools and community.
In 2012, the Board of D.A.R.E. Brantford Inc. was proud to introduce the GR8 – Growing Responsibility – Program (pronounced “great”) to local grade-eight students. GR8, taught in four, 50-minute lessons, was designed to enhance skills and knowledge to prepare students for new challenges as they enter high school. GR8’s curriculum was developed by Constable Philip Minotti, Constable Keli Corpse and Constable Charmaine Pelletier, of the Brantford Police Service.
Although the Board of Directors of D.A.R.E. Brantford Inc. is proud to have been a D.A.R.E. community for 18 years, the issues facing our youth have changed and evolved during that time. Accordingly, the D.A.R.E. Board sought to refine the information contained in the program to be meaningful and relevant to the experiences and challenges currently facing young people in their peer group, family and community. Constable Saundra Glover, of the Brantford Police Service, was tasked by the D.A.R.E. Board and senior management of her service to research an alternative curriculum; the result of which was K.I.D.S. (Knowledge Issues Decisions Supports).
K.I.D.S., spearheaded by Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Rob Geneja, was developed by the OPP, in partnership with police officers, educators, and consultants from various backgrounds and disciplines. K.I.D.S. was piloted in the spring of 2013, and officially launched in September of that same year.
K.I.D.S. is currently taught in approximately 40 OPP jurisdictions and several municipal police services, including Kingston, Owen Sound, Stratford, London and Peterborough. Its content is continually evaluated and updated by a provincial working group.

Brantford K.I.D.S.

In September 2014, K.I.D.S. was piloted, in place of D.A.R.E., and taught by Constable Glover to 1,160 grade-six students over three terms. Survey results from the pilot revealed that teachers appreciated the overall content of the K.I.D.S. Program, indicating that the topics covered were more comprehensive and relevant to the students. Additionally, it was the consensus that K.I.D.S. is more compatible to the Ontario curriculum, offered superior follow-up activities and tied in with the Province’s health lessons. Students found that the combination of PowerPoint, videos and workbook activities were engaging. As a result of the positive feedback, K.I.D.S. officially replaced D.A.R.E. beginning in the 2015-2016 school year,


Replacing D.A.R.E. with K.I.D.S. also resulted in an official name change for D.A.R.E. Brantford Inc. In July 2015, we officially became T.I.C.K. (Teaching Intelligent Choices to Kids) Inc. The curriculum and corporate name have changed, but our commitment to meeting the needs of Brantford youth is firm. We are the same Board that provides students with effective strategies related to making good choices. We are also the same Board that delivers GR8 – Growing Responsibility – to grade-eight students, and offers Student Leadership Grants and poster contests.
We pledge to continue working with community partners, police, educators and mental health professionals to provide Brantford students with current and relevant information, and effective tools that will remain with them for a lifetime.

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